cooler than the Bee

Even Eric admits it. (Whether that means this is the last Bee for a while, I don’t know.) On to today’s paper:

The photo:


Top stories:

  1. William Jennings Bryan and Charles F. Murphy have worked out a deal: the New York delegates “selected arbitrarily at the state convention” last week will be recognized as the state’s “regular” delegates at the national convention. In exchange, the New York delegates will vote for Bryan on the first ballot and will apply “the utmost pressure” on other delegations to make Bryan’s nomination unanimous. Update: Murphy was apparently part of the Tammany crowd and Bryan was expected to deny reports of an agreement. A fair amount of intrigue.
  2. The New York state Senate passed a new rapid transit bill.
  3. The city of New York has sent a bill for $78,220.95 to the Brooklyn Rapid Transit company for street work the city says the company should have done.
  4. A member of the New York Historical Society has come across 200 old wills, dated between 1670 and 1730.
  5. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. took a balloon ride from Washington, DC to Delaware yesterday.
  6. A report on the AP and publisher dinner photographed on the front page. In a speech, Bryan “urged the publication of bipartisan newspapers.”

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7 Responses to cooler than the Bee

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  2. Steve says:

    Ah! I see that the White Star Line is finally getting some new ships, that should improve there revenues. Tonnage of 45000- 55000, I’m a bit worried about immigration with those sizes, won’t they need to fill steerage to make a profit?

    I like the names “Olympic” and “Titanic”.

  3. Steve says:

    Hmm, I’m a bit up in arms about this immigration thing now. Which candidate is against this maddening wave of Swedes and Italians that are hitting our shore? My god, they don’t even speak the language.

    I was leaning toward Bryan, free coinage of silver and all, but if someone can make a case that Taft will stop the people from taking our jobs I’m willing to listen. (I will not be giving up my Irish maidservant though, she can really clean and starch my tuxedo shirts, I looked resplendent at the Waldorf last night!)

  4. jmsdonaldson says:

    A member of the Harvard Base-Ball team injured? Scandalous! Rather ungentlemanly to be playing a boy’s game, though.

  5. andrew says:

    That balloon ride sounds pretty good. I bet this will usher in a new era of air travel, just as soon as they make it affordable for regular people.

  6. md 20/400 says:

    Hospital Doctors Quit

    They couldn’t stand the hospital’s food!

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