Tribune Thursday: slow news day

14 August 2008

Sorry about the recent delay in posting. I’m going to be busy with some things for a while, so I might not be back until next week’s Tribune post. Here’s today’s:

  1. A canvass of New York Republicans indicates that Charles Evans Hughes is likely to be renominated for Governor.

  3. The police have caught Clementi Terasi, whom they believe to be a leader of the “Black Hand.”

  5. In an attempt to deter drivers from speeding over railroad crossings, the President of the Long Island Railroad announced that he is going to assign men to record the license plate numbers of reckless drivers at railroad crossings and then publicize the names of the owners in the newspapers.

  7. It appears that President Roosevelt will not try to intervene in the New York Gubernatorial nomination process and will leave it up to the delegates to the convention to decide.

  9. The United States and Great Britain have agreed to a “modus vivendi” concerning the Newfoundland fisheries for 1908 but are still working on a more formal settlement.

  11. Governor Hughes laid the cornerstone for a new YMCA building in Plattsburg.


14 August 2008

Evan Bayh hasn’t even been nominated for Vice President, and already the puns are everywhere: “Walk on Bayh”; “Bayh Bayh, Bayh”; “Bye-Bye Bayh”; “Stop Bayh” (this one is not necessarily a pun); and no doubt others I haven’t seen. But at least there’s some variety to these turns of phrase.*

Georgia, on the other hand, is on a lot of people’s minds. I’m not going to come up with any better pun – I don’t think the midnight trains are running, anyway – but I will recommend this piece in the London Review of Books on Georgia by Neal Ascherson from 2004 as background.

*If he is nominated and the Obama/Bayh ticket loses, I expect to see: “Bayh-er’s Remorse”